This video part of an ongoing series of works (titled, “”) that I have been creating since early 2017 when I was diagnosed and treated for hereditary breast cancer.  These videos are integral components of a larger project in which a live performance will be presented within a mediated space.  However, they also can be exhibited as stand-alone video art works that incorporate soundscapes depicting my experiences in the days and weeks post-diagnosis: the myriad of phone calls made to family, friends, medical and insurance practitioners in the first several days of confusion and urgency; the endless processes of tests, scans and further diagnoses, including the news about a genetic mutation for breast cancer. Throughout the cancer experience I have been documenting appointments, calls, collecting medical records and other materials to translate into art works as a form of healing and self-therapy. It has been an opportunity to reflect on this difficult life-changing event and in the words of feminist poet Audre Lorde, to “examine it, put it into perspective, share it and make use of it.”

Choreography for the camera: Cherie Sampson & Anjali Tata-Hudson

Performed by Cherie Sampson;

Camera: Cherie Sampson & Radim Schreiber; post-production: Cherie Sampson

Audio montage comprised of voices of family, friends and medical professionals in Illinois and Missouri.