Tufiarte Nature Art Symposium, Tufia, Gran Canaria, Spain. October 18-25.

Solo Performance series over a five-day period from October 21-25.  (Included community participation)

 “Tufiarte” was an invitational for members of Artists in Nature International Network (AiNIN), curated by AiNIN founder, Francois Davin.  16 artists were selected to participate representing the UK, France, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, U.S., Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Australia.  The event/exhibition was supported in part by AiNIN, local and regional organizations and businesses and the community of Tufia.  Artists made environmental and site-specific works within and around the village of Tufia, working over 6-7 days with the official opening on October 25.  I created a work referring to archeological and legendary histories of the region as well as emerging out of a workshop process with a group of women from the Tufia village.  My 5-day performance series was thematic, with a 2-hour performance occurring each day from Tuesday – Friday that traveled throughout the village and a 15-minute piece on the opening day.

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