2019: (upcoming)

Evolving the Forest Creative Summit, Film Programme. Dartington Hall, Devon, England.


Performance Working Group at the PSi (Performance Studies International) Conference, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, South Korea.


 "To Uphold (from below)", Video-performance, 2017


This piece was created at the site of a large, half-alive cottonwood tree in a woodland near the Mississippi River. The tree had been struck by lightning and weathered the storm. I had just finished my last round of chemotherapy after a breast cancer diagnosis in early 2017. The video is comprised of footage shot just days before my body was forever altered by breast surgery, as well as images of the post-surgical body.  It was the last opportunity to make a work with my body as I had known and worked with it my entire life as an artist and woman.  (Video still)


Performance: Cherie Sampson

Musical Composition: Charles Gran

Camera: Cherie Sampson & Radim Schreiber