Studies with:

 - Anjali Tata-Hudson (Anjali's School of Dance), in Bharata Natyam. Kansas City, MO. Beginning September, 2014.

- Soorya Performing Arts, St. Louis, Missouri (Prasanna Kasthuri, Director) in Bharata Natyam. (2009-2014)

-  MUDRA (Aditi Bandyopadhyay, founder) & Anagha Bock in Odissi, Columbia, MO. (periodically)

- Workshops and classes have also been held with Shyamala Mohanraj in Iowa (Balasaraswati tradition of Bharata Natyam) Eswary Sriram, Columbia, MO and others.  

Performances of Classical Indian Dance, 2009-2015:

  • Scenes from the Ramayana, With Anjali's School of Dance, Annual Production. Olathe, KS.
     Solo and group dances. 2015.

    * 20th Anniversary Celebration, Rosebud Yoga Studio, Quincy, IL. 3 Solo dances. 2014.

    * Out of Body Experience, Community Art Event, Calftown Studio, Quincy, IL. 3 Solo dances. 2014.

    * Dashaka – 10th Anniversary Concert, Soorya Performing Arts, Clayton, MO. Solo and group dances. 2014.

    * Moonbelly Dance Studio Fundraiser, The Bridge, Columbia, MO. Solo dance/padam. 2014.

    * INDIA NITE 2013, Jesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO. Solo dance/padam. 2013.

    * Annual Soorya Performing Arts Concert, Clayton, MO. 2013.

  • 3rd Soorya Performing Series - DHUN, Clayton Auditorium, St. Louis, MO. (Group, Bharata Natyam) May, 2012.
  • Annual Student Concert, Gandhi Center, St. Louis, MO. (Group, Bharata Natyam) 2012.
  • Brigid’s Jam Hannibal, Missouri. (Danced Tillana, Bharata Natyam solo). 2012.
  • 9th Annual Student Dance Recital with Soorya Performing Arts, History Museum, St. Louis, Missouri (Danced Jathiswaram with a group, Bharata Natyam). 2011.
  • Earthdance Columbia 2011, Courtyard Square, Columbia, Missouri, with MUDRA group, (Danced Basant Pallavi, with a group in Odissi). September, 2011.
  • Vishwa Shanti, 19th Annual India Night, Jesse Auditorium, Columbia, Missouri. (Danced Vishwa Shanti w Soorya Performing Arts students, Bharata Natyam). 2010.
  • Repeat performance of “Vishwa Shanti” at Interfaith Council Festival, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. (Bharata Natyam). 2010.
  • One of Many Limbs Solo performance-art work fusing elements of classical Indian dance vocabulary (Bharata Natyam), Sacred Harvest Festival, Clarks Grove, Minnesota and Blue Heron Orchard, Canton, Missouri.  Aug & Sept 2010.
  • Columbia Student Recital, Shanti Mandir Temple, Columbia, Missouri.  Columbia students of Soorya Performing Arts Annual recital.  May, 2009.

Classical Indian Dance: Bharata Natyam

Training with Anjali Tata-Hudson, September 2014-present

& Prasanna Kasthuri, Soorya Performing Arts, St. Louis. January 2009-June, 2014