Solo live dance/performance performed in 2019:

Redbud Yoga Studio, for 25th Anniversary, Quincy, IL.

Cultural, Intercultural and Transnational Dialogues in Dance and Spirituality”, International conference at the Center for Embodiment & Somatic Movement, Cheltenham, UK.

“International Rhythm Course,” Utrecht University, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS. Course facilitated by Ned McGowan, BC Manjunath & Dr. Mysore Manjunath

A traditional South Indian dance item in honor of Kali - the Hindu goddess of severe transformation - is reinvented experimentally, symbolizing the healing process in an experience with cancer.

Conceived & performed by Cherie Sampson
Choreography: Anjali Tata-Hudson & Cherie Sampson

Musical composition: Ned McGowan
Ned McGowan, contrabass flute
Greg Oakes, bass clarinet

Costume Design: Judy Bales
(headdress, Cherie Sampson)

At the start of her treatment for breast cancer in 2017, performance artist, Cherie Sampson learned a traditional Kali dance item called a ‘kauthuvam’ in the South Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, from dancer, Anjali Tata-Hudson. Through the dance, Sampson worked with the Hindu goddess of severe transformation as a focal point for strength throughout the difficulties of dealing with cancer. It grounded her and got her back on her feet after each round of chemotherapy to regain stamina. After they completed the traditional item, Tata-Hudson & Sampson collaborated on the choreography for a re-interpretation of the kauthuvam. The new dance experimentally alternates between classical phrases and expressive components in depictions of healing and the cycles of weakness and rehabilitation throughout months of treatment.

“Deliverer” is part of a series of artistic works including short films, video installations and live
performances by Cherie Sampson navigating and portraying an experience with hereditary cancer. The live performance will debut sometime in mid 2021.